Wednesday, May 15

* Weinplatz at Alexandraplatz
* Fuckup Nights at 4 Origines
* Pop-up at Ausgang Plaza
* Mean Girls drunk read at Diving Bell
* Next Music From Tokyo showcase at Petit Campus
* Night Beats at le Ritz

Sunday, Oct 7

* Tribute to Anthony Bourdain at Monsieur resto/bar
* Cinéclub Film Society screens Zabriskie Point
* Next Music From Tokyo at le Ministère
* Freak Dream at la Sotterrena

Monday, May 20

* Piknic Électronik is on again
* On a budget? Dollar Cinema beckons
* L’Orignal Mondays dinner party in the Old Port
* Native party/politics doc The Exiles at Cinema 17
* Next Music From Tokyo bring J-rock to Montreal

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