Friday, Dec. 14

* Try Rebel Chocolates at Crew
* Xmas concert at Jardins Gamelin
* Rad Dads benefit concert
* Folly and the Hunter at Bar le Ritz
* Synthwave at Bar Le Shop
* Trapped in Elon’s Mansion

Sunday, Dec. 9

* Johnny Brown Christmas sale
* Loser Jamboree
* Edward Scissorhands at Cinéma de Sève
* Roosevelt at Belmont
* Lady J at Casa

Thursday, Dec. 11

* First day of Grover building desginers’ Christmas market
* In Circulation art history mag launch / vernissage at Studio XX
* Fifth annual Hilarious Holiday Hoedown comedy night for charity
* Crooked Fagazine issue #4 launch at Bar le Stud
* Hip hop jam le Cypher moves to Brutopia, hosts freestyle competition

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