Thursday, June 20

* Immersia at Bâtiment 7
* Afro-groove at Club Balattou
* Spencer Krug at Sala Rossa
* Dramatik at les Francos

Pop Montreal was magic

We’ve crawled out from under hangovers to report on only the most exceptional, mind-melting moments at Pop 2013.

Sunday, September 29

* Puces Pop
* Pop Montreal record fair
* Jacques Tati-o-thon at Parc
* Pub l’Île Noire Jive-O-Thon
* Beatles secretary doc at PHI Centre
* Moonface at Ukrainian Federation
* METZ & “Evan Dubinsky as the DJ”

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Today’s Sounds: DJ Finish Him

Even though the bleeps and bloops of classic 8-bit chiptunery have had an undeniable effect on the current generation of pop music, and famed video game composers such as Koji Kondo (Super Mario, Legend of Zelda) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) are finally getting their rightful due as master craftsmen, we’ve yet to see a video game soundtrack cross over into the mainstream (besides perhaps Portal’s “Alive”) immediately upon release.