Friday, Aug. 17

*Tranna Wintour hosts a stand-up comedy workshop
*Aretha Franklin tribute
*Clash electro and glam-rock night at Montreal Pride
*Fishbum Records and Blue Skies Turn Black present Fish Fest

Tuesday, Aug. 12

* Queer & feminist films at Rats9
* French comedy Case Départ screens at Place de la Paix
* Japan’s Sete Star Sept & more heavy bands at Barfly
* Bass Fess techno tour comes to Blue Dog
* Gaymer Zone gaming night at Apollon

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It’s Pride week in Montreal

Fierté Montréal Pride begins today and ends with the annual parade on Sunday. Read about the festival’s week of programming, from the cultural events to the mega parties.

Friday, August 16

* Day two of Falla
* Qouleur vernissage at Rats 9
* Temple of Boom at Ink City North
* Todd Stewart vernissage at Galerie Wilder & Davis
* Vivarium project launch at NDQ
* All-girls party: Crush at Club Soda
* MTL Pride’s official Boys Party at Apollon

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Wednesday, August 14

* Montreal Pride’s raising of the flag
* Lez Spread the Word 6 à 9
* Premiere of An Afternoon with Earth Crusher
* Pervers/Cité presents Expiating Stigmatic Guilt
* The Omnivore Food Festival starts today
* Foonzo’s Trivia Night

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Monday, August 12

* Hit La Ronde while summer’s still here
* Street dance battles at Médéric-Martin park
* Check out Elysium
* Pervers/Cité keeps you busy
* Montreal Pride kicks off
* There’s Something Funny Going On at Blue Dog
* Cinema 17 screens Bubbles Galore

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Today’s Sounds: Henry Threadgill Zooid

Henry Threadgill was among the earliest members of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Having participated in polka, Dixieland and big band jam sessions, and having studied modern classical composers like Varèse and Hindemith, Threadgill was built for the AACM’s eclectic approach.

He’s led several bands over the ensuing decades, most notably Air with Fred Hopkins and Steve McCall, and Very Very Circus, a sextet featuring the unusual line-up of two tubas, two guitars and drums, along with Threadgill’s saxophones and flutes. Zooid has been around since 2001 and continues in this tradition of innovation within non-standard instrumentation.