Wednesday, Feb. 6

* Boyz N the Hood at WeWork
* Calder night at MMFA
* DIY Valentine’s Day at Art Hive
* Dolly Blonde at Casa
* Bats in the Belfry at Bar de Courcelle

Wednesday, Nov. 14

* IPA-fest at Cheval Blanc
* Mundial Montreal
* Calder 5 à 9 at MMFA
* Richard Reed Parry at the SAT
* M for Montreal kicks off

Wednesday, Oct. 24

* Jasmina Cibic’s expo at DHC/Art
* Heritage Montreal “City Talks” at McCord
* “Acquired Taste” at Kabinet
* Alice Merton at Fairmount
* This Magazine’s We Need To Talk About This

Tuesday, Oct. 8

* Liminals: A Para-Fiction of Transcendence by Jeremy Shaw opens at MMFA
* QPIRG Concordia’s Prisoner Correspondence Volunteer Orientation
* Liz Phair plays Corona Theatre
* Gorillaz at the Bell Centre
* FNC Shorts Awards

Wednesday, Sept. 5

* Kristen Céré, Nadia Neiazy and the MSO at Quartiers Dances Festival
* OUMF kicks off
* Gothico Exotico at Ausgang
+ more music, film, art, theatre and comedy events.

Wednesday, June 20

*Montreal Museum of Fine Arts hosts free public party with Pierre Kwenders
*12th edition of Squad Laughs comedy show
*Drone and Draw at NDQ
*The Tins play la Vitrola with Beatrice Keeler and Guidestones
*The Fine Print launch party

Art this week

A Vice photojournalism exhibit at Phi Centre, visual/performance art at Just for Laughs + more art events & complete gallery and museum listings.

Art this week

Take advantage of the warmer weather by going to see some art at some of the vernissages and special events happening today and through the weekend.