5 questions for Thor Harris

The Swans band member, multi-instrumentalist and writer is playing his first ever show as a solo artist in Montreal this weekend.

Look back in anger

Sounding off on 2012’s (totally subjective) #1 story in local anglo media, and singing the praises of last year’s best band. PLUS quality over quantity on the concert calendar in the second week of 2013. Get your heavy here.

The gods walk among us

Halloween gigs, spiritual ascension with Swans, the sixth annual A Varning From Montreal festival and more righteous heaviosity this week…


Last week, Swans released the best record of their career, and probably the best record I’ve heard in the past five years: The Seer. Clocking in at almost two-and-a-half hours, with songs approaching the 20-minute mark, Michael Gira and co. have managed to stay on track and never lose sight of the band’s original vision while boldly pointing their stern to uncharted waters. Gira’s bending baritone is nicely weathered, and still haunting enough to shiver the timbers while providing the perfect vessel for barbed pearls that could make ol’ Zimmerman jealous.