Friday, July 10

* 2015 Electronic Sports World Cup finals
* Festival des Bières de Laval begins
* Alaclair Ensemble free show + Artgang vernissage
* Metz and USA out of Vietnam play the Piccolo Rialto
* Mocky plays Resonance with Kara-Lis Coverdale
* Nuits d’Afrique Sound System at la Sala Rossa
* more art events, heavy shows & dance parties

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Sunday, September 29

* Puces Pop
* Pop Montreal record fair
* Jacques Tati-o-thon at Parc
* Pub l’Île Noire Jive-O-Thon
* Beatles secretary doc at PHI Centre
* Moonface at Ukrainian Federation
* METZ & “Evan Dubinsky as the DJ”

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METZ are quitting their day jobs

Hard-working Ontario grunge-punks METZ talk Nirvana, suburban angst, Toronto bands and gear theft, as they piss acid rain all over skyscrapers they just kicked over.

Monday, April 8

* General assembly at Café Artère
* Scarlet Road at Cinema Politica
* Mullholland Drive in 35mm at Parc
* Metz, the Soupcans and Modern Primitive at Sala
* You Want It, You Got It! at Notre Dame des Quilles

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Thursday, Nov. 22

* Read the Rantline™!
* ATSA’s Soirée Rouge
* Love some balls for Movember
* A trio of LGBT films at Image+Nation
* United in Anger screening and lecture
* East End Radicals launch first record on Stomp
* BookThug launches experimental prose journal
* Help build a shelter for kids in Malawi by laughing
* TO punks Metz at Il Motore
* A local indie triad c/o Passovah at Casa

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Quality, not quantity

Taking in the masterful doom/drone/psych of Toronto/Berlin band Nadja (in bulk!) plus pointers to the week’s best heavy shows that will still pale in comparison to last night’s Om gig.