Friday, December 6

* Smart Design Mart opens
* Studio Vintage Xmas sale
* Jingle Bell Rocks Jingle Party
* Art Attack at Fresh Paint Gallery
* PHI Centre presents Courts Critiques
* Joyride with Tronald Trump & Mayday

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Wednesday, October 23

* Phenomena Festival continues
* Cinémathèque screen Lesbiana — Une Révolution parallèle
* Halloween edition of Beaux Dégats
* Data Salon with Miriam Bleau and Caroline Blais
* Franz Ferdinand play Metropolis
* Belle Game at Divan Orange

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Saturday, September 21

* Little Italy street fair
* OldWIG shopping party
* Mainline pop-up thrift shop
* Geneviève et Matthieu vernissage
* M60 film fest
* Clouds at PHI Centre
* Please Me, with Mayday & High Klassified

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411 is a joke

One of the most cheek-biting circumstances I’ve found myself in over years of covering hip hop is this all-too-typical exchange with friends:
Friend: Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Me: Going to see “Rapper X-Y-Z.”
Friend: X-Y-Z is in town?!? Why didn’t you tell me?!?
Me: Oh, sorry, you’re right! I only interviewed him, published it in a newspaper, reminded people in my column in said newspaper, spammed the entire Internet with the content — but yeah, sorry I didn’t call.
But okay, so, attention spans being what they are in this day and age, I can’t get too self-righteous. Instead, I thought I would take the time this week to put a few upcoming events on your fall concert radar. As they approach, expect more in-depth coverage, but start planning now for some crazy ish.

Friday, August 10

* 2-QTPOC at Articule
* Squint Fucker label vernissage
* Human Condition trilogy, Juan of the Dead, Three Stars and more at Cinéma du Parc
* Hip hop fest Under Pressure art battle
* Six Mil Antenna
* USA Out of Vietnam and Maica Mia at Casa

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