Monday, June 1

* Tour de Taco Bell, c/o Commander Clark
* Underground Chef Battle at Furco
* Fringe Festival preview show Fringe-for-All
* Jeff Rubin speaks about his new book, The Carbon Bubble: What Happens to Us When It Bursts?
* Bad Moon Mondays post-punk, funk, electro night at Salon Officiel

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Art this week

Vernissages, conferences and art parties coming at you all weekend long in Montreal’s arts scene.

Tuesday, May 7

* Archaeology of the Digital vernissage at CCA
* Art Battle at Sala
* Double Negative presents a retrospective of filmmaker Barbara Sternberg
* Time Out for Fun at Korova

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On the walls: the week in fine arts

Roundup of what’s on this week: cheap art books, cosmological painting, radical political philosophy, a 30s Christmas dreamscape, kids’ charity art, a mini Comic-Con, the fierce women of punk rock and some local big names compete for the Ayot-Comtois prizes.

On the Walls: This week in fine arts

Solo shows by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Mimmo Jodice and JJ Levine, Montréal/Brooklyn mega-vernissage, Beaux Degats art battle at Fresh Paint and new digs for Galerie Point Rouge.

Last night a DJ saved my life

It’s been just shy of two decades (yeesh) since I started DJing at watering holes around the city. Spinning discs and getting wobbly is about as much fun as a vinyl fiend/beer drinker can possibly have. I’ve travelled all over God’s green acre and propped up bars in many towns, and I can also say that no matter what genre of music you’re digging, Montreal’s fine pedigree of disc jockeys can easily go toe to toe with the best of ’em. Of course, I’m not talking beat-matching floor-fillers here, I’m talking about eclectic mixes that satisfy as much as they challenge — and, most importantly, go great with a frosty pint.