Saturday, Dec. 15

* Deadstock Depot flea market
* “I Used to be Normal” at Cinéma Moderne
* Andy Kim Christmas benefit at Corona
* Skate to Voyage Funktastique
* Lo Signal Sound System at Maison 2109
* DJ Moka at Velvet

Wednesday, Dec. 30

* Go skating!
* Marie-Mai plays Théâtre St-Denis
* Trash Ton Karaoké at Piranha Bar
* Temple Records showcase at Salon Daomé
* Bass Drive Wednesday at le Belmont

You should definitely know who this man is

This week, the Journal de Montréal ran two pieces highlighting anglo and franco Quebecers’ lack of familiarity with certain aspects of one another’s cultures — namely, celebrities. But while you may not know who Marie-Mai is, the name Pierre Karl Péladeau ought to be familiar to you.