The city may pay millions over mass arrests

Protesters kettled during the 2012 student strike will have their day in court, as will the city, which is pressing charges against another group of protesters. PLUS Ginette Reno scores one for the Bell Centre.

Live feed: Education summit protest

Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of students are expected to meet at Square Victoria to protest the government’s summit on higher education. Follow our live feed of today’s demonstration.

Index this, Pauline!

If there had been no tuition in 2012, the lost revenue would amount to close to $350 million, a figure not far removed from, say, what Revenu Quebec expects to bring in annually from its new sales-recording modules in restaurants. So why isn’t it already free, asks Peter Wheeland.

Lies your newspaper tells you

It was surprising to hear reports that PQ minister Pierre Duchesne on Sunday had definitively ruled out free education as a point of discussion in next month’s summit on higher education — mostly because he never said any such thing.

Occupying your eardrums

The city may have dismantled the camp at Square Victoria more than a year ago, but the Chorale du peuple is keeping the spirit of Occupy Montreal alive — through song.