Mikey B Trippin: The Great Escape pt. 1

M for Mikey reports from the Great Escape music festival in the (alleged) lesbian capital of England: Brighton. Read about the festival’s excess of bands, booze and blondes, and what it feels like to pass out on a rocky beach with a God-awful chicken salad sandwich in your face.

Mikey B Trippin, SXSW round 3

Follow Mikey’s full-throttle third day of the Austin music festival, when he co-hosted M for Montreal showcases and parties with Brooklyn Vegan, Arbutus Records and Invisible Oranges and met up with some Stockton, CA legends (not Pavement, but close). And as a bonus for all festival-going dudes, Mikey shares his secret to staying drunk and avoiding bathroom queues.

Today’s Sounds: Paul Giallorenzo’s Gitgo

In a year full of free blowing and intricately composed heads (that’s jazz talk, folks), 2012 produced one particularly fine out-jazz record: Emergent, by Paul Giallorenzo’s Gitgo. Also, hear the latest track by Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich’s Atoms for Peace, and watch Mac DeMarco model 18th century duds.

The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2012

Here are the very best songs Montreal had to offer this year. This list is completely arbitrary and based on the whims of those who assembled it, as is the case with any list. Song preferences subject to the ever-changing moods of chief compiler/commentator Erik Leijon.

Today’s Sounds: Femminielli

The new record by Femminielli, via Craigslist Missed Connections, plus a track by understated British singer/producer Kwes and a celebration of cheap cigarettes and no-fi VHS visuals.