Friday, May 17

* Pouzza Fest
* Santa Teresa Music Fest
* Wes Anderson screenings at Marché Noir
* Block Rockers expo
* KODE fetish night
* Homegrown Harvest afterhours

Tuesday, May 6

* Lunch Beat with DJ Rilly Guilty at Place des Festivals
* TRH-Bar terrasse opening BBQ & hip hop bash
* Lousy Miracles at Espace Pop
* The Ladies & Gentlemen Comedy Show at Shäika Café
* Bun B., Thugli, & more at Cabaret Underworld

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Wednesday, Nov. 7

* Industri. Edition 1 fashion soirée
* Luc Paradis vernissage at Parisian Laundry
* Barbara Rosenthal at Montreal Art Centre
* RIDM launch with Peter Mettler’s latest
* Roy Surette’s Good People at Centaur
* The Map Project at MainLine Theatre

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