Friday, August 23

* 3 Mile Meal
* Galerie Nowhere showcase
* The Act of Killing at Cinema Excentris
* NDG Off the Wall screens 20 NDG-related shorts
* LNDMRK celebrates its first anniversary at SuWu
* Sarah Neufeld at La Sala Rossa
* Huf party at Blue Dog Motel

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Tuesday, Jan. 29

* Jason Botkin (KIN) vernissage at LNDMRK
* Chaos & Order at SAT
* Waiting for the Barbarians at Segal Centre
* Cannes standout Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen
* We Sold Our Souls to Rawk and Roll

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Crass act: INSA peddles sexualized art in Montreal

London-based street artist INSA treads an uncomfortable line in stiletto heels.

INSA is best known for works focused on tits, ass and high heels. His signature image is a stylized lady’s leg culminating in a ¾ view of a stiletto heel seen from behind. This image — or a variation of it — has become INSA’s brand, found on murals, billboards, buildings, stickers, t-shirts, hats, postcards, tea cups, Dunny dolls and footwear.