Tuesday, Jan. 15

* Life drawing at Galerie Parfois
* Hyena Subpeona at Centaur
* I Like It! at l’Esco
* Whiskey tasting at 132 Bar Vintage
* Made with Booze cocktail competition

Tuesday, Nov. 20

* Jenny Yuen Polyamourous reading at Argo
* Trans Day of Remembrance
* Life drawing at Gallery Parfois
* H.E.R. at MTELUS
* Amerike Klezmer at Vitrola
* Haus of Baga cinema night at Mado

Tuesday, July 31

*Tuesday night life drawing at Gallery Parfois
*14th edition of Dynamic MTL
*Grün Wasser, Xarah Dion, Solar Apex and Dregqueen at Casa
*MainLine Gallery goodbye party