Quebec Election 2018 cheat sheet

Cult’s Rob Jennings offers up a comprehensive and non-biased overview of the upcoming provincial election with a focus on what it all might mean to Montrealers.

Corruption inquiry, hacking controversy, guns!

Dawson College student was expelled for revealing security flaw in computer system, the Charbonneau Commission resumes, the Quebec Liberal leadership race is ongoing and five people got injured at gun shows in the U.S. over the weekend — no comment! We’ve got your Monday news round-up right here.

This is not a call to arms

To all the Montreal-born anglos promising to leave the province now that the PQ has a fragile grip on power — this is your home, and if you want to abandon it instead of participating in its future and progress, fuck you.

Quebec, Ink. — Merde

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing a regular rant about the state of politics and society for an alt weekly, but I have to admit that it’s been over 15 years. And, unfortunately, the little that has changed since 1996 has changed for the worse. Jean Charest was a rising young star […]