Tuesday, Feb. 26

* LGBTQ/Massimadi film shots
* Queer Sci-fi at le Ritz
* D’un espace à l’autre at the SAT
* Rodney Ramsey comedy at Piranha
* Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma

Art this week

Osheaga retrospectives, psychedelic guitar art, photos honouring historic Russian queers and more are on display in Montreal’s art scene this week.

Radical Queer Semaine is on

We spoke to one of the organizers of the annual festival about Montreal’s gay history and RQS’s all-inclusive, anti-corporate programming.

Montreal pride in pictures

Photographers Owain Harris and Jessica Nudo hit the streets over the weekend and captured the souls (OK, maybe just images) of those who helped make Montreal Pride more colourful than any flag or rainbow.  

Last night’s radical dyke march

Cult MTL photojournalist Owain Harris took to the streets yesterday evening for the Radical Dyke March, a decidedly more DIY event than the high-sheen Pride Montreal’s programming. Check out some of his photos!