It’s Pride week in Montreal

Fierté Montréal Pride begins today and ends with the annual parade on Sunday. Read about the festival’s week of programming, from the cultural events to the mega parties.

Saturday, Aug. 9

* Metallica, Voivod, Babymetal & more at Heavy Montreal
* Snowpiercer at Cinéma du Parc
* Dykes Against Austerity March
* Essaie Pas & Police des Moeurs launch a record
* Freak & Fabulous tattoo/cabaret/music sideshow

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Listen to music from POMPe

In advance of tomorrow night’s POMPe bash at Katacombes, hostess Laura Boo (aka DJ Like the Wolf) and fellow resident DJ JNNBNNRCK teamed up to deliver 12 tunes you’re likely to hear on the dancefloor this week.

We got our Pride on yesterday

See a photo gallery of yesterday’s epic Pride Parade, feat. roller derby stunts, federal party-leader photo ops and a healthy dose of T&A, by Cindy Lopez.