Saturday, Jan. 9

* Group exhibition vernissage at la Galerie
* Howl! Arts Collective/Suoni per il Popolo benefit show for Syrian refugees
* Freak & Fabulous tattoo culture, body art and lifestyle expo
* Gay Goth Nite at Bar le Ritz PDB
* VousEtesDesAnimaux with DJs Cherry Cola and JNNBNNRCK at Unity
* SATosphere dance party Dômesicle

Thursday, June 19

* The Grace of a Gesture at the Musée d’art contemporain
* Cycling to Asylum book launch at Librairie D&Q
* Glam Gam’s Turning Tricks at the Fringe Festival
* Eagulls play Casa del Popolo with Bummer
* Jacquemort play the FrancoFolies Festival
* Laura Boo hosts monthly queer night POMPe at Katacombes

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Listen to music from POMPe

In advance of tomorrow night’s POMPe bash at Katacombes, hostess Laura Boo (aka DJ Like the Wolf) and fellow resident DJ JNNBNNRCK teamed up to deliver 12 tunes you’re likely to hear on the dancefloor this week.

POMPe takes queer clubbing back underground

Celebrating its second anniversary tomorrow night, POMPe was mounted with an alternative mandate that harkens back to the gay/punk overlap of the late ’70s, the Thursday night Village parties of the ’90s and aughts and the radical queer events that have long been simmering on the fringe.