Are you manif enough?

Yesterday’s demo, voter disenfranchisement, fury over unilingual service at dim sum & more in our news round-up.

Quebec, Ink: SNC-Lavalin wins reporting award. Really!

Cue the chorus of I-told-you-sos: SNC-Lavalin wins an award for financial reporting on the eve of news reports that it disappeared $139 million (partly in relation to the superhospital). That, and other mind-bending tidbits of silliness in this week’s Quebec, Ink.

Quebec, Ink — Who you gonna call?

Quebec anglophones are not a community — we are part of many communities. They include our francophone spouses, colleagues and neighbours, just as they do our Arab friends, Hellenic bosses and Hispanic teammates. The same is true of most urban Quebec francophones.

Quebec, Ink: At least the PQ isn’t pandering

 There are a lot of people following this election campaign who don’t hesitate to describe Pauline Marois’s Parti Québécois as racist. That may be a bit over the top. But xenophobic? That’s a label that sticks to the PQ like poutine. As we pointed out just two days ago in this space, the PQ is […]

Quebec, Ink: Pardon my French, Pauline

For anglos like me, speaking French has become just as difficult as writing it, because now I have to think carefully before talking, lest I give away my mother tongue by using the wrong gender for a fucking pamplemousse.