A primer on pop-electro showcase Ooh La La

Though the bands are largely English-language (and, in one case, actually English), the touring Ooh La La festival aims to bring the sound of France to North America. Have a listen and look at the four pretty amazing acts playing SAT tonight.

Today’s Sounds: Dum Dum Girls

The shimmering garage rock of this L.A. band’s debut album I Will Be made a deep impression on me. Seeing them live a couple of times, at Il Motore last winter and more recently at Osheaga, cemented my feeling that they’re brilliant ambassadors for that classic cross-section of girl group* and garage rock. (*That they’re an all-girl group is irrelevant — granted, dudes would not look good in those tights. One of my favourite bands of the moment, the Drums, is a boy band that works the girl group angle. So to clarify, I refer to the Motown and Motown-adjacent girl group style.)

FME is music’s Plan Nord

When it comes to music festivals, the prevailing notion is that bigger is always better. After all, Osheaga made the switch from two to three days, while Coachella is now over two weekends, and both seem to be better for it in the court of public opinion.
Thankfully, the Festival de musique émergente en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (better known as FMEAT or FME) is a different beast altogether. The annual fest, which this year celebrated its 10th birthday from Aug. 30–Sept. 2, is a defacto-retreat into cottage country for summer festival-fatigued Quebec music industry-types and artists, so instead of feeling like yet another pit stop on the estival festival itinerary, FME is an invigorating deep exhale in the crisp, dewey woods after three months of holding in particulate urban smog.