Osheaga bands & fans

We came, we saw, we fought to the front, we weaseled into the pit and stalked the VIP to bring you some images of Osheaga’s bands and fans having fun in the sun, under the moon and by the floodlights. Feast your eyes on this.

Under Pressure up ‘n’ up

People often ask me why Montreal doesn’t have a hip hop festival, musing that promoters don’t work hard enough, or want too much money, or that “artists don’t respect us.”

There are elements of each observation (save the last) that at least invite intelligent analysis. Usually I point out that Montreal’s economy and the proportionate audience for a hip hop event can’t justify the risk it takes to put something like that together. Ask some of these local so-called “greedy local rap promoters” what special hell a single rapper can put them through.

Osheaga Top Fives, in video

Need help navigating the awesome three-day music festival known as Osheaga? Sit back and let Cult MTL be your guide with 15 videos by the artists we’re most excited about.