Saturday, Dec. 13

* Last day of Atelier Circulaire’s Prêt-à-emporter exhibition/print sale
* 20/20 Water Tower Art Exhibition
* Wintergreen Christmas Concert to benefit Sun Youth
* 8Bit Noël dance party at Kafein
* Suoni per il Popolo and CKUT present experimental sounds with Marie Davidson & more

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The sound of musical

Socalled crams rappers, singers, puppets, harpists, a string quartet and an indie rhythm section onto his new record, The Season.


Assessing local records by Wake Island and Crabe ahead of their launches this week, PLUS even more shows and parties on the plate, including Mardi Spaghetti, Rock Against Racism, Katie Moore, NDQ’s first anniversary and accompanist to the stars Ken Stringfellow.

On Stage

A round-up of dance, theatrical and performance events taking place in the city this week.