Dance as neoliberal burnout

In which our critic deconstructs the various issues in an underwhelming piece of “deconstructed dance” that left her with “the strong desire to flee.”

Thursday, Jan. 3

* Der Hauptmann at Cinéma du Parc
* Karaoke at Turbo Haus
* Leland Sundries at Barfly
* Napalm Jazz at Casa
* Throwback Thursdays at Blizzarts

Monday, Dec. 3

* makeOURspace Solidarity Night
* Je Suis Montréal opening
* Thrash la reine benefit show for Moisson Montréal
* Daniel Romano at le Ritz
* Karaoke sans pants at Bar le Cocktail

Monday, July 30

*July edition of Booze n’ Schmooze
*Shangela Is Shook comedy show
*Alexis Bellavance and Erick Orion and more at Casa del Popolo
*Karaoke at Jardins Gamelin

Saturday, Dec. 23

* Alvéole pop-up
* Fire on Ice at the Old Port Skating Rink
* Festivus celebration
* Taverne Cobra’s Glamrock Karaoke night

Monday, June 8

* Mural fest BBQ & film events
* Off Mondial de la Bière begins
* Quebec Drama Federation summer launch at MainLine Theatre
* Broadway Café karaoke at the Segal Centre
* Big Brave, Jessica Moss & Christ play Casa del Popolo
* Rhye and Haerts play the Corona Theatre

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