Monday, July 15

* Nautilus at PdA 5e Salle
* Backstreet Boys at the Bell Centre
* Belle and Sebastian at MTELUS
* Purling Hiss at Casa del Popolo
* Feminist dance part at La Rockette

Saturday, June 8

* Pull-Up Selecta at Parc des Amériques
* Moonshine block party at MURAL
* Adam Sandler at Bell Centre
* Janette King at Diving Bell
* BLOND:ISH at PY1 Nights

Stay sketchy

Toronto-based funny guy Jon Blair talks about his new show, Montreal’s “experimental” sketch scene and why he’s not moving to the States anytime soon.

DeAnarchy’s cookbook

Local fave DeAnne Smith is back in town and headlining DeAnarchy: a hilarious hootenanny you’d do well not to miss.