Friday, March 8

* This Woman’s Work at D&Q
* The Besnard Lakes at Esco
* Primal at Cabaret Berlin
* Afrodiscoteca at Maison 2109
* Regal and JKS at Octov

Thursday, Mar. 7

* Belgian beer at Pit Caribou
* Emilie Kahn at Phi Centre
* Barr Brothers at Corona
* Pottery at le Ritz
* MANSA and friends at Pow Pow

Thursday, May 15

* Feline Expo 2014 at Galerie Escape
* FIMAV begins today
* Inauguration of Parc Lhasa de Sela
* Julie Delporte & Pascal Girard at Librairie D&Q
* The 9th Montreal Israeli Film Fest begins
* Pearson Sound & Compton Chic at the One Man Band Fest

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Tuesday, May 14

* Verdun gets a Benelux — go get wasted!
* Free Burger Day at Burger Bar
* Semaine du vélo urbain fetes ladies on bikes
* Translated comics launch @ D&Q
* Can-punks HGM and Vomit Squad at Barfly

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