Monday, July 15

* Nautilus at PdA 5e Salle
* Backstreet Boys at the Bell Centre
* Belle and Sebastian at MTELUS
* Purling Hiss at Casa del Popolo
* Feminist dance part at La Rockette

Thursday, June 13

* International Market for Digital Art
* Nomadic Massive at Ausgang Plaza
* Green haüs opening party
* The Leap talk on New Green Deal
* CupcakKe at Théâtre Fairmount

Saturday, June 8

* Pull-Up Selecta at Parc des Amériques
* Moonshine block party at MURAL
* Adam Sandler at Bell Centre
* Janette King at Diving Bell
* BLOND:ISH at PY1 Nights

Thursday, April 25

* MusiTechnic open house
* Sarah-Marie McMahon book launch at D&Q
* Vernissage at LSB
* M at Cinéma du Parc
* Jonna Lee at L’Astral
* Janette King and Huilly Huile at Mme. Lee

Thursday, Jan. 3

* Der Hauptmann at Cinéma du Parc
* Karaoke at Turbo Haus
* Leland Sundries at Barfly
* Napalm Jazz at Casa
* Throwback Thursdays at Blizzarts