Monday, Feb. 11

* Feu de camp at Corridor
* J Dilla tribute at Junior
* Dr. Mario tournament at Turbo Haüs
* True Reads at Drawn and Quarterly
* Free topping day at Misoya
* FK Anyway at La Shop

Saturday, Feb. 9

* Just for Cats
* Chasse et Pêche secret party
* Silent EM at l’Esco
* J Dilla night at Ausgang
* Nomad in Orient at Groove Nation

Saturday, Feb. 7

* Denise Roig’s new book Brilliant launches at Drawn & Quarterly
* Hivernale with Music is my Sanctuary’s DJs Lexis and Poirier
* Dethfox brings anarcho-punk to Casa with openers Bearmace and Drip
* J Dilla Tribute Birthday Party with Illa J, Sev Dee, and friends

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Honouring Dilla with brother Illa

Montreal honours the memory of J Dilla on his birthday with a party hosted by Toast Dawg and Éphiks, with Dilla’s brother Illa J and friends Sev Dee, Dr. MaD and DJ Manzo

Sunday, Jan. 25

* Silent Disco Squad Arctic Jamboree (on ice)
* The Cinémathèque screens Coppola’s One From the Heart
* BurlesGeek: The Matrix Edition at la Sala Rossa
* Chic Choc Queeroscopic Heterofriendly Dance Party at Bily Kun
* Jazz & Dilla with Illa J at Honey Martin

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Thursday, July 17

* Roxy Peroxyde vernissage at Galerie 203
* The Fantasia film fest opens with Jacky au royaume des filles
* Cinema Out of the Box screens The Swimmer at Parc Lafontaine
* Pierre Kwenders & Masala DJs at la Sala Rossa
* J Dilla tribute with the Pharcyde & Slum Village
* Mess Around DJs spin vintage soul & R&B 45s at Divan Orange

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