Saturday, Feb. 2

* Ciné-Bazar
* Sergei Parajanov’s The Legend of Suram Fortress
* Ambivalence at [SAS]
* Blaxploitation Remix @ the PHI Centre
* PWYC for The Ape
* Mod Club @ Blizzarts

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Fake it till you make it: Kafka’s Ape

Infinitheatre’s production of Kafka’s Ape: the antics of Howard Rosenstein’s man-turned-ape-turned-man are entertaining enough to let you forget the show’s just one dude talking for like an hour.

On stage: the week in theatre

Pretty much every English theatre in town is launching a new show this week, as everyone bounces back from the holidays with fresh productions. Catch lit classics, a kids’ show for Black History Month and the tragic tale of wrongfully convicted Steven Truscott on stages around the city.

Satrangi: for optimists only

Deepali Lindblom’s latest performance piece fuses Indian and Western storytelling and dance practices to recount seven true inspirational tales from around the world.

Sunday, Nov. 25

* John Logan’s Red
* Joel Fishbane’s A Place in the Country
* CineCoup film funding
* Untold @ Vinyle
* Sunfields @ Snack N Blues
* Jour du Sabbat w/ DJs Isabelle “Luci” Langlois and Simon “Fer” Besre

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Saturday, Nov. 24

* Expovente @ Art Lab
* Beatboxer X-WAM
* Julie Morstad book launch
* Jai Bhim Comrade @ Cinema Politica
* Disappeared @ Infinithéâtre
* Cult MTL DJs Atomic Applebaum
* No More Radio podcast network launch
* Elevator DJ night @ CFC

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On Stage: the week in dance and theatre

Roundup of what’s happening on the city’s stages this week: CINARS dance, music and theatre shows, Aszure Barton and Artists, last shows for Hamlet and Trench Patterns and tough-guy comedian Joe Rogan.