Friday, April 12

* Black.Art.Empowerment series at MAI
* From the Ground Up at CCA
* Orville Peck plays Casa
* Black Neon at Théâtre Fairmount
* Aurora Halal at Exposé Noir

Sunday, Dec. 30

* Dim sum at Grumman 78
* Shut Up and Play the Piano at Cinéma Moderne
* Klezmer jam at Centre des Musiciens du Monde
* Datcha Sundays
* Lofthanza
* Billy Kenny and Conkrete MTL at Newspeak

Thursday, Oct. 23

* La Braderie de la Mode begins at Bonsecours Market
* Santropol Roulant’s annual Harvest Gala
* Chocolat record launch at la Vitrola
* Spasm Film Festival launches with Sexe
* Contrôle house/techno night at StereoBar

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Sunday, May 18

* The 1st Piknic Électronik of the season
* Masterpieces of Polish Cinema at Cinémathèque québécoise
* Come Worry With Us! at Cinéma du Parc
* Pouzza Fest grand finale at Cabaret Underworld
* U.K. producer Sophie at Il Motore

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Tuesday, December 31

* Restaurant reservations for NYE
* Erik & Darcy on CKUT 90.3FM
* Neon’s NYE rager at Telus Theatre
* Parties on St-Laurent Blvd.
* The grand opening of Rufus Rockhead
* Celebrate safely, consider Operation Nez Rouge

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Neon fetes 15 years of 514 parties

The production company that grew out of a record store and Tiga’s DJ nights at defunct St-Laurent club Jai Bar have evolved into a full-on party and show promotion machine. Ahead of tonight’s bash at their spiritual home, SAT, Neon top man John Hatz talks about labours of love, the electro wave and fuckin’ Moby.