Friday, April 12

* Black.Art.Empowerment series at MAI
* From the Ground Up at CCA
* Orville Peck plays Casa
* Black Neon at Théâtre Fairmount
* Aurora Halal at Exposé Noir

Sunday, Dec. 30

* Dim sum at Grumman 78
* Shut Up and Play the Piano at Cinéma Moderne
* Klezmer jam at Centre des Musiciens du Monde
* Datcha Sundays
* Lofthanza
* Billy Kenny and Conkrete MTL at Newspeak

Thursday, Oct. 23

* La Braderie de la Mode begins at Bonsecours Market
* Santropol Roulant’s annual Harvest Gala
* Chocolat record launch at la Vitrola
* Spasm Film Festival launches with Sexe
* Contrôle house/techno night at StereoBar

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Sunday, May 18

* The 1st Piknic Électronik of the season
* Masterpieces of Polish Cinema at Cinémathèque québécoise
* Come Worry With Us! at Cinéma du Parc
* Pouzza Fest grand finale at Cabaret Underworld
* U.K. producer Sophie at Il Motore

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Tuesday, December 31

* Restaurant reservations for NYE
* Erik & Darcy on CKUT 90.3FM
* Neon’s NYE rager at Telus Theatre
* Parties on St-Laurent Blvd.
* The grand opening of Rufus Rockhead
* Celebrate safely, consider Operation Nez Rouge

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Neon fetes 15 years of 514 parties

The production company that grew out of a record store and Tiga’s DJ nights at defunct St-Laurent club Jai Bar have evolved into a full-on party and show promotion machine. Ahead of tonight’s bash at their spiritual home, SAT, Neon top man John Hatz talks about labours of love, the electro wave and fuckin’ Moby.

Friday, April 19

* Paul Burgoyne vernissage at BBAM! Gallery
* Talonbooks launch at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
* Appassionata 2010 screens at the Goethe-Institut
* Reversing Falls, Asthma Camp & Holobody at Casa del Popolo
* I Love Neon 15-year anniversary party at the Satosphere
* Vote for the Best of MTL!

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