Thursday, May 7

* Opening party for art and fashion space Coolkoala
* Bar Mme Lee’s food truck Thursday welcomes Au Pied de Cochon
* Les Jardins Gamelin opening party with live music
* RAW Exposure arts showcase at la Tulipe
* The Tashme Project: The Living Archives at the MAI
* Vancouver electronic duo Humans play le Fairmount

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Saturday, Oct. 13

* Jessica Mensch’s THE FUZZ
* Once Upon a Time… Impressionism: The Great French Paintings from the Clark
* Usually Beauty Falls preview
* The First Winter @FNC
* Albin de la Simone’s “Films fantômes”
* Humans and la Bronze @Divan Orange

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Vancouver’s Humans talk nudity and murder

Humans is Robbie Slade and (Montreal native) Peter Ricq, two fun guys working in “No Fun City” (Vancouver), who happen to sound almost identical on the phone — it took me at least 10 minutes to figure out I was speaking to two people.
During our last three-way conversation (for the Mirror), we discussed their awesome puppet video “Bike Home” and Slade’s one-time summer job as a firefighter in northern B.C. This time, they were lost in Hamilton when I called, and the conversation shifted from their new music to tales of another summer job (on a nude beach) to what to do when encountered by rival Humans.