Montreal duo UN revel in subterranean sounds

Alberta gals Kara Keith and Jen Reimer moved east to form a chamber-rock band, but wound up scaling back the heat and the clatter to emerge as UN. Ahead of their record launch tomorrow night, Keith told Cult MTL about stripping down and putting audiences in a trance.

The poop on Pop

The annual Pop Montreal festival is indeed upon us this week. Every year, I religiously tap out an introduction with a don of the ol’ cap to everything I love about the festival. Usually I’ll start greasing Pop’s wheels with some flowery phrases about how it adds to the culture of our fine city, sidesteps the overbearing corporate presence that mars other festivals, books an incredibly eclectic range of bands, maintains its grassroots appeal while operating like a well-oiled machine, brings in amazing volunteers to supplement the amazing staff and blah blah blah.
But this year there are just too many rad shows happening to be so verbose, even in this relatively versatile format, so I’ll refrain from the usual Pop reach-around and get to the point: Pop Montreal is the tits, jack! (Pop reps can reach me at the address below for permission to use that one.)