Thursday, Dec. 20

* Turbo Haüs menu launch
* $1 oysters at l’Esco
* Paupière and Klaus at Jardins Gamelin
* Hip Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont
* Alternadrag at Bar le Ritz
* Bratstar at Datcha

Saturday, July 12

* Fantasia presents McLaren Under the Stars
* Fireworks in the Old Port
* Passovah presents 4 bands at Brasserie Beaubien
* Hip Hop Karaoke at le Belmont
* Third Bass DJ night at Cabaret Playhouse

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Thursday, November 21

* Read the Rant Line™
* OldWIG Xmas vintage sale
* Kazak and Jennifer Glasgow launch new lines
* Articule presents Deep State and Home Movies Gaza
* RIDM celebrates Come Worry With Us!
* M for Montreal day two
* Hip Hop Karaoke

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Thursday, October 17

* Read the Rant Line™!
* Fantasmagories 3D at FNC
* NYC Meets MTL
* Léché Desserts first anniversary bash
* Candyass Club Cabaret Underworld Cruise
* Rowan S and RYAN Playground at Blizzarts
* Hip Hop Karaoke East vs.West
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Thursday, September 19

* Read the Rant Line™!
* OldWIG shopping party
* Manuel Mathieu talk at Galerie les Territoires
* Jennifer X Jennifer vernissage at Eastern Bloc
* Aaron Lakoff zine launch
* Heavy Girls at Goethe
* A Teacher at the PHI Centre
* M60: The Montreal 60 Second Film Festival
* Hip Hop Karaoke at le Belmont
* POMPe at Katacombes

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Thursday, August 29

* Peace Park screening
* The Birth of Nature, Manuel Mathieu vernissage
* Coifferie Paradiso launch party
* Docville screens The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear
* Gods, Guns & Automobiles Canadian premiere
* Hip Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont

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Thursday, July 25

* Read the Rant Line™!
* All-indie pop-up studio sale at Atelier B.
* Vice magazine photo edition party
* Just for Laughs shorts at Cinéma du Parc
* Hip Hop Karaoke the Just for Laughs edition
* MEG music festival launches

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