Sunday, July 26

* Serve charity beach volleyball tournament
* Goal charity soccer tournament
* Colt Renfrew vintage clothing pop-up shop
* Citizen Vintage studio sale
* BurlesGeek, video games edition
* The Nasty Show finale & Norm MacDonald gala at Just for Laughs

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Sunday, July 27

* Serve! volleyball/party at Parc Jeanne Mance
* French DJs at the MEG edition of Piknic Électronik
* Mont-Royal Rumble at Zoofest
* Syngja, Stolyette and Pang Attack at Divan Orange

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Friday, August 2

* Osheaga kicks off
* New Brow low-brow art celebration
* Berlin Reed at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
* Fall Fashion runway preview at Festival Mode et Design
* Femmes Fatales: Pride Edition fundraiser
* Osheaga afterparty with Rich Aucoin at the Corona

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Head & Hands aims to revive street worker program

Last year, Head & Hands got its funding cut for a street work program that helped NDG’s youth with a variety of problems, including hard drug use and abusive conditions for sex workers. Now, the organization has entered an online contest to help bring the program back.

Wednesday, Aug. 29

* Anna Nicole Smith and Chyna’s first appearance at FFM!
* Pop Montreal panel on music and social movements
* Head and Hands benefit offers all-you-can-eat pizza for a good cause
* Quebec classic Léolo screens at FFM
* Thomas von Party spins at Royal Phoenix

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Raging for a cause

By now, most of us are familiar with Yelp, the site that offers user-penned reviews of all manner of businesses and services, from barbers to bail bondsmen. Now 10 months old, the service’s local arm, Yelp Montreal,, is off to a healthy start. Community manager Risa Dickens, who handles the English side of the site’s affairs, is throwing her baby a birthday party this Saturday, with the aim of helping 11 non-profit organizations.

Serving up sex-ed

Bars and restaurants around the city will be a little emptier on Sunday as staff from over 30 establishments around the island converge on Jeanne-Mance Park to face off in the seventh annual SERVE Bars and Restaurants Beach Volleyball Tournament.