The corruption continues in Laval

Can a former detective put an end to corruption in Laval? Will the Civic Action League ensure an honest municipal election this fall? It’s news round-up time.

Everyone needs a new mayor

Rob Ford, without crack pipe. Photo via Flickr To exactly no one’s surprise, MP Denis Coderre yesterday announced that, yes, he will run for mayor of Montreal, saying the city’s in need of a “conductor,” presumably because it’s running off the rails and losing control and going to the dogs and any number of other […]

Gangsterism in Laval

Former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt is accused of gangsterism, while some real gangsters are found dead in Italy. Oh, and the playoffs are over, too. It’s round-up time.

Monday news roundup: YOLO

Our news roundups are back. Today: mayoral drama, executive committee drama, RDP by-election and never saying sorry.

Quebec, Ink — Corruption at the core

Whether the mayors are unindicted co-conspirators or unconscious morons does not change the fact that the political party system — essentially imposed on larger Quebec municipalities since the ‘70s — ensures that corruption continues unabated.