Scenes from a #manifencours

Yesterday, after the close of the province’s long-awaited summit on higher education, demonstrators took to the streets to protest the Parti Québécois’ plan to index tuition. Cult MTL photographer Cindy Lopez was on hand to capture what unfolded.

Live feed: Education summit protest

Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of students are expected to meet at Square Victoria to protest the government’s summit on higher education. Follow our live feed of today’s demonstration.

Lies your newspaper tells you

It was surprising to hear reports that PQ minister Pierre Duchesne on Sunday had definitively ruled out free education as a point of discussion in next month’s summit on higher education — mostly because he never said any such thing.

Occupying your eardrums

The city may have dismantled the camp at Square Victoria more than a year ago, but the Chorale du peuple is keeping the spirit of Occupy Montreal alive — through song.

Photo Gallery: ATSA’s Soirée Rouge

Last night, 25 local artists, activists and personalities spoke, did interpretive dance, busted out into song and did other generally interesting/fun/weird things, and Owain Harris captured it.

They’re not scabs — they’re students

This week has been a contentious one as some students, as mandated by Bill 78, are returning to class to finish up the winter semester cut short by the student strikes.

Some of their classmates at Université de Montréal and Université du Québec à Montréal disagreed with their hitting the books, and blocked the entrances to the universities to demonstrate their displeasure.

Because forcing people to support a position always works out well.

We don’t need no education

The overwhelming majority of CEGEP students returned to class recently, and everyone’s been holding their collective breath over whether university students would follow suit. Students at Université de Montréal and UQAM headed back to class today to finish their winter semester, only to have them disrupted by the protests of some of their classmates.