It’s Pride week in Montreal

Fierté Montréal Pride begins today and ends with the annual parade on Sunday. Read about the festival’s week of programming, from the cultural events to the mega parties.

Sexual prime: Image+Nation at 25

The Image+Nation Festival, celebrating films by and about the LGBT community from around the globe, turns 25 this year. The fest celebrates this quarter-centennial mark with a solid program spanning nations and genres.

Last night’s radical dyke march

Cult MTL photojournalist Owain Harris took to the streets yesterday evening for the Radical Dyke March, a decidedly more DIY event than the high-sheen Pride Montreal’s programming. Check out some of his photos!

Get your gay on at Divers/Cité

I would like to start off by thanking Festival Mode and Design and Divers/Cité for both choosing this weekend to hold their events. It feels like gay Christmas.

With so many things going on, from fashion shows to festivals and LGBTQ celebrations, how does one decide which to attend? Lend me your ear (or, in this case, eye) as I break down some musts for your festive and fashionable party weekend.