Wednesday, June 5

* L Nights at Datcha
* Fringe for All
* JJUUJJUU at Bar le Ritz
* Bass Drive at Belmont
* Mural fest opening party

Wednesday, Feb. 20

* Cosmovision Records launch
* Ellen Cantor’s Pinochet Porn at CCA
* Festival de la bête noire
* Radio Elvis at MTELUS
* Victory Chimes at l’Escogriffe

Monday, June 1

* Tour de Taco Bell, c/o Commander Clark
* Underground Chef Battle at Furco
* Fringe Festival preview show Fringe-for-All
* Jeff Rubin speaks about his new book, The Carbon Bubble: What Happens to Us When It Bursts?
* Bad Moon Mondays post-punk, funk, electro night at Salon Officiel

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Fringe for All

Rachel Levine reports back from the Fringe-for-All with her top picks for this year’s Fringe Festival.

Monday, June 3

* YES Montreal art & business conference
* Fringe-for-all at Café Campus
* A K U A EP launch at le Belmont
* Larry Clark’s Kids at Cagibi
* La Décadence Électronique at Casa

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