Saturday, July 13

* Fantasia Film Fest
* Jamaica Day at Parc Jean-Drapeau
* Latin bands at Marché des Possibles
* LIP at Café Resonance
* Eyes Wide Shut at Cinéma du Parc

Saturday, June 15

* The Market at Decade Building
* Jon Cohen at Place Commune
* Yatai MTL
* Hubert Lenoir at les Foufs
* Homegrown Harvest after-hours

Friday, April 5

* 5th anniv of Manitoba Restaurant
* Moon King at Esco
* Jacques Greene at Phi Centre
* Wynot Loft party with Maga
* Frankie Teardrop bday LIP at Sala
* Raw Feelings after-hours

Saturday, March 30

* Salon du disque et des arts underground
* Madame Ghandi at MAI
* Super Rave Bros at Crobar
* Ic3y Mag party at Pow Pow
* Kode dance party
* Unikorn at Sala Rossa

Saturday, March 9

* Silent auction at Lopez MTL gallery
* Teenage Fanclub at Petit Campus
* Claire Coupland at Rocket Science Room
* Anna plays SAT
* Nordic pop at Bar le Ritz
* Scuff afterhours

Thursday, Feb. 21

* Fête des fromages d’ici
* Massimadi Montreal
* Ohm Hourani at the Phi Centre
* The Firemen at le Ritz
* Planet Euphorique at Datcha

Friday, Dec. 7

* Puces Pop at Église St-Denis
* Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma at Cinéma Moderne
* Ghost play show in Laval
* Pop MTL holiday party
* MTL Pachangón at Groove Nation
* DJ Johnson at Turbo Haüs

Friday, Nov. 23

* Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra documentary
* Bulma Bar soft opening
* Border at Cinéma du Parc
* Xarah Dion at Breakglass Studio
* Holy Queers at Café Cléopâtre
* Jacobus at Théâtre Outremont
* The High Dials at Quai des Brumes
* LIP party at la Sotterenea

Friday, Nov. 9

* MAC Nocturne
* Concordia Greenhouse introduction to horticulture
* Uniqlo pop-up
* 90s video dance party at Theatre Sainte Catherine
* Mountain Dust at Turbo Haüs
* Brodinski at Newspeak
* Homegrown Harvest: Ciel

Saturday, Nov. 3

* Sea Moya play Pâtisserie Bela Vista
* Stephen Orlov’s Birthmark at M.A.I.
* Syngia album launch at Diving Bell
* Nuit Chromatic
* Couteau Papillon album launch at La Sotterenea
* Voyage Funktastique 5th anniversary at Belmont
* LIP at Alexandraplatz