Pot-shots and punchlines

Rappers gone wild as Rick Ross, Chris Brown and even R&B hipster-bait Frank Ocean come to blows, PLUS the deets you need for the essential parties, DJ nights and other hip hop happenings in the city this week.

Today’s Sounds: Alt-J

There’s a fine line between being enjoyably quirky and just being too smart for your own good, and 2012 Mercury Music Prize shortlisters Alt-J straddle that line without ever consistently sitting in either camp. They’re occasionally sublime, often a little too twee, but it’s the risk you run when you dabble in music big on restrained tension and light on carnal energy.

Sea change

A few weeks back, a buddy commented “What is a Frank Ocean?” on my FB page. “An incredibly honest body of water,” was the instantaneous quip from another friend. Ocean, the fantastically gifted, soul-crooning Odd Futurist (group elder of the West Coast rap Rat Pack at 23) had been confirmed for his July 29 appearance at Club Soda only moments earlier.