Piu piu in pictures

A look back at Phil Sparkz & Musoni’s launch party, feat. Detroit producer & Platinum Pied Piper Waajeed, through the lens of Dshade. PLUS a half-dozen guaranteed good times this weekend.

Friday, April 12

* Alison Bechdel speaks at Ukrainian Federation
* Simon Killer screens at the PHI Centre
* Triumph of the Wall premiere at Excentris
* The Black Angels, the Allah-las & Elephant Stone
* Franco Proietti Morph-Tet at BBAM!
* Jealous Lovers, Voytek and co. at Il Motore

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Do you like it when I say Rick Ross sucks?

Rape-condoning lyrics, lying and shitty rapping = the perfect package. PLUS what do you want from a hip hop column, besides event pointers? AND speaking of which, there are four shows, two DJ nights and one elephant in the Bell Centre that you need to see this week.

Real rap words

Recommending the very best hip hop books, about the business, the music and the legends, from Def Jam to Paul’s Boutique to Public Enemy + five shows you need to see this week

These are the breaks

Shine on Scynikal, an anti-bullying PSA by David Hodges + the best Halloween parties & hip hop events this week (and into November)