Getting to know Shash’U

The local producer and DJ’s debut EP, Thru Da Night, is out on Fool’s Gold, and this weekend he’s hosting a banger of a party to match.

Today’s Sounds: The $100 Guitar Project

A brokedown six-stringer gets passed around by Grade-A guitarists with ace results. A track by Cleveland’s Pleasure Leftists will thrill connoisseurs of tall-haired crooners and minor-chord urgency. A video for a bangin’ tune by Montreal son A-Trak sees his guest rappers rocking rhymes from the club to the dep — though we’re not sure that’s actually a dep.

Today’s Sounds: Memory Tapes

The new synth soup by New Jersey’s Dayve Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, plus a track from A-Trak’s forthcoming Tuna Melt EP and a video with Flying Lotus depicting Elijah Wood as a magic/cursed amputee.