Monday, Sept. 28

* SAT’s Foodlab launches Monday-night dinner parties
* Another Word for Gender panel at Concordia
* Atlanta metalcore band Norma Jean plays le Ritz
* CJLO hosts an all-music edition of trivia night at Ye Olde Orchard
* $ucka Free Mondays DJ night moves to Blizzarts

Monday, Jan. 26

* The SAT’s Foodlab welcomes NYC chefs Paul Wetzel & Natasha Pickowicz
* La Khaima offers free samples of Mauritanian food as part of Festival Nomade
* Cinema Politica screens Syrian/Palestinian refugee documentary The Bride’s Side
* University of the Streets Café hosts a talk about death
* Donair Cité hosts 902 Comedy w/ David Pryde, Nour Hadidi, Shawn Stenhouse & more
* It’s the Jay Z edition of $ucka Free Monday at Korova

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Monday, Aug. 25

* Omnivore’s Maudit Souper at SAT’s Foodlab
* Lemon Bucket Orkestra & Forshpil at the Jewish Music Festival
* The Peopl’s Comedy with Justin Williams & Jess Salomon at Snack ‘n Blues
* Electrovision of Eurovision 2099 ambient electronic sounds at la Sala Rossa

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Sunday, November 24

* M for Montreal brunch & screening at SAT
* Punk/metal matinee at Katacombes
* Kafka’s Ape at Bain St-Michel
* Je suis dans un band screening
* DJs Blaster and Budda Blaze at Blue Dog

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Monday, September 30

* Chefs Daniel Humm and Will Guidara at SAT
* NDQ Drink’n’Draw
* ASTTQ celebrate 15 years
* Jacuzzi Boys at Il Motore
* There’s Something Funny Going On at Blue Dog
* Nick Fraser at Casa del Popolo

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Monday, April 15

* German Weinfête at SAT’s Foodlab
* Ecuadorian film Pescador at FCLM fest
* Pissed Jeans, Solids and Ultrathin at Il Motore
* Marnie Stern and Roomrunner at Casa del Popolo
* Psych-garage freak-out w/ Melted Faces at l’Esco

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Saturday, Nov. 3

* Church bazaar w/ homemade noodles
* SAT’s Foodlab
* A Varning From Montreal
* Abstract-animation film screening
* Sónar Festival
* Tommy Wiseau’s The Room
* The Wooden Sky, Wildlife, The Sin and the Swoon

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