Saturday, July 7

*Festival of India parade
*Saturday night fireworks over Montreal
*Final night of the Jazz Fest
*SAT’s Domesicle party in the Satosphere
*Montreal Carnival Weekend kicks off

Monday, Oct. 6

* Fire/works album launch at the Cinémathèque Québécoise
* Vernissage for work by multimedia artist Yunus Chkirate at Galerie Triad
* Authors Marguerite Pigeon and Laurence Miall launch new novels at Argo
* 2014 Sundance grand jury prize-winning film Whiplash screens at Phi Centre

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Tuesday, Dec. 11

* Concordia Greenhouse plant sale
* Montréal Créative kicks off
* Commemorate Canada’s death penalty
* Buy some McAuslan beer swag
* See local bands the Lemming Ways and Fire/Works
* Get sweaty to 80s synth-pop at Syntax Era 80s

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