Wednesday, May 27

* Ping Pong Club hosts a Bernard Street BBQ
* JJ Levine and Jamie Ross double book launch at Articule
* The last open mic at Argo Bookshop
* The Festival TransAmériques presents What Happened to the Seeker?
* The One Take Super 8 Event at la Sala Rossa
* The Mutek festival begins, with Boundary, James Holden and more

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Enlightenment for sale

Theatre/installation piece What Happened to the Seeker: Intimacy With a Thousand Things explores the void and the products that fill it.

Heavy metal dance at FTA

French choreographer Christian Rizzo’s D’après une histoire vraie reproduces a hazy memory of a revelatory moment in dance with a pack of casually dressed Jesus types and heavy metal drummers.

Wednesday, May 28

* Richie Hawtin plays the esplanade of Place des Arts
* Sud-West at Terrasse St-Ambroise
* Beaux Dégâts #19 at Foufounes Electriques
* Au sein des plus raides vertus at FTA
* The Peopl’s Comedy at Club Peopl
* Masterpieces of Polish Cinema at Cinémathèque québécoise

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Greek myth meets voguing drag queens

Choreographer Trajal Harrell tells us all about Antigone Sr., a merger of contemporary dance, gay house culture & pop music, to be performed over three days at the Festival TransAmériques.