Friday, Nov. 23

* Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra documentary
* Bulma Bar soft opening
* Border at Cinéma du Parc
* Xarah Dion at Breakglass Studio
* Holy Queers at Café Cléopâtre
* Jacobus at Théâtre Outremont
* The High Dials at Quai des Brumes
* LIP party at la Sotterenea

Tuesday, Oct. 30

* FNC shorts at CInéma Moderne
* University of the Streets Café at Bâtiment 7
* Vivek Shraya book launch
* They Might Be Giants at Théâtre Fairmount
* Kandle album launch at MTelus
* Kalmunity Halloween House Party at Petit Campus

Sunday, Oct. 14

* STM garage sale
* Punk rock flea market at Foufounes
* BBAM pop-up market
* #metoo rally
* Lies My Father Told Me screens at the Cinémathèque
* Sheer Mag at la Vitrola

Thursday and Friday at FNC

As the Festival du nouveau cinéma enters its final weekend, our screen team weighs in on four films screening over the next two days.

Wednesday, Oct. 10

* Striking Memories student strike exhibit at Concordia Library
* Wapikoni Mobile at FNC
* Habib Siam and others do comedy at Bishop & Bagg
* Elsiane plays Sala Rossa

Tuesday, Oct. 8

* Liminals: A Para-Fiction of Transcendence by Jeremy Shaw opens at MMFA
* QPIRG Concordia’s Prisoner Correspondence Volunteer Orientation
* Liz Phair plays Corona Theatre
* Gorillaz at the Bell Centre
* FNC Shorts Awards

Monday, Oct. 8

* L’undistrie night at Kabinet
* Black and Blue Recovery Party at Complex Sky
* FNC screens world premiere of Sticks and Stones
* Dance with the Dead show at Fairmount
* Keiji Haino play Sala Rossa

This weekend at FNC

The screen team takes on highlights from the weekend at the Festival du nouveau cinéma, including new films by Agnieszka Smoczynska, Barry Jenkins and Quentin Dupieux.