Thursday, Dec. 17

* Boutique Éphémère at Café Larue & Fils
* The Sketch Republic holiday-themed show at Montreal Improv
* Vernissage for Funky.B’s Soullineproject at En Cachette
* Urban Tales: An Erotic Christmas at the Centaur
* Janime Jeanine show at Quai des Brumes with Sun Pow and Anatole
* British DJ/producer Girl Unit at Newspeak

Sunday, Nov. 22

* Haut + Fort artisan & design market at Concordia
* Les Petites Manies pop-up shop
* NO EXP Comfort Flight .2 party with bands at 820Plaza
* Rosemont’s Das Bier marks 400th anniversary of Grolsch
* Ambient Art Night at Bad Lunch
* Fiver and Butcher Boy play Bar le Ritz PDB