Monday, Oct. 19

* Vote!
* Austin art scene short-film program curated by Jonathan Demme at Phi Centre
* Phenomena Festival election party at la Sala Rossa
* Election parties at Quai des Brumes and l’Escogriffe
* Cold War Kids play Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile
* There’s Something Funny Going On stand-up night, election edition

Friday, Oct. 9

* Federal election advance voting begins
* Anti-sewage-dump demo at City Hall
* One-night Jessie Kravitz art exhibition at Glass Door Gallery
* Wacken 3D: The Movie screens at the Festival du nouveau cinéma
* Electro-pop singer-songwriter Mas Ysa plays la Vitrola
* Kalmunity Vibe Collective’s Foundation Fridays dance party at le Belmont