Thursday, Dec. 20

* Turbo Haüs menu launch
* $1 oysters at l’Esco
* Paupière and Klaus at Jardins Gamelin
* Hip Hop Karaoke at Le Belmont
* Alternadrag at Bar le Ritz
* Bratstar at Datcha

Piu piu in pictures

A look back at Phil Sparkz & Musoni’s launch party, feat. Detroit producer & Platinum Pied Piper Waajeed, through the lens of Dshade. PLUS a half-dozen guaranteed good times this weekend.

Habitat happenin’s

The all-new Expérience MTL festival is well underway on its stomping grounds at the Olympic Park. Though I won’t bear witness till Saturday, I’m legit excited. Any move to open up new spaces and spread culture and entertainment affordably sounds good by me.
Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, the Big O and the whole gadding scenario out est are pretty much taken for granted by anyone who doesn’t live there or isn’t a tourist.