Saturday, Feb. 13

* Blatant Localism Pop-Up Shop at Turbo Haus
* Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) documentary screening at Phi Centre
* Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless at Cinéma du Parc
* TR/ST plays le Fairmount and DJs at le Belmont
* Dance + Do Good Valentine’s Day party with the Goods
* Miss Kittin DJs at Newspeak

Thursday, Dec. 3

* Smart Design Mart
* Quebec shorts at the image + nation film fest
* Rapper Slim Jesus plays le Belmont
* 100Lux breakdancers & DJ Pierre Kwenders at Datcha
* Secretsecretgirl plays Casa del Popolo

Tuesday, March 24

* University of the Streets Café talk about the impact of mega sports events on cities
* Vittorio Rossi’s new play The Envelope premieres at the Centaur
* Acclaimed Australian horror film The Babadook screens at Cinéma du Parc
* The Ladies and Gentlemen Comedy Show at Shäika Café
* Weirdo Baltimore DJ Schwarz plays la Vitrola with Luminous All Kudler, Dreamboy, R U Real

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Friday, Jan. 9

* Clothing swap (feat. BeDazzler) at RATS 9 gallery
* Hivernale outdoor party with DJs, bar, skating, Norwegian food
* Anti-shale fracking talk at Chez Boris
* Montreal & Toronto experimental pop/psych bands at the Plant
* Parisian rapper Teki Latex live at Blue Dog

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Wednesday, Dec. 10

* Vernissage for Dima Karout’s Damascus Walls
* GWAR destroy the Corona Theatre
* Così e Così double cassette launch at Casa del Popolo
* Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars is playing Dollar Cinema

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Hey kids, get outta my backyard!

As the leaves start trembling and ready themselves to be torn asunder from their branches to slowdance to the ground in their demise…yeesh, did I just write that? Okay, I might’ve torn a page out of my grade school journal there so, uh, let me have another crack at an intro. When the Main once again gets carpeted in Technicolor two-dollar chow mein/PBR puke, you don’t need a calendar to know that school is dangerously close to being in session.